to all physical illnesses and imbalances

How the healing technique came about

I was contacted by the Danish television channel TV2 who asked if I wanted to participate in a television show where I within 3 months had to show the Danish public that I was able to heal a boy who suffered from cerebral palsy. First I felt honored. Then I felt fearful. Because could healing actually help someone who suffered from cerebral palsy? I was in great doubt and felt like declining the task several times.

I meditated and prayed asking my guides and specialists for help. With the consulting help of Tove Kofoed I surprisingly got a yes to participate. From the Higher Consciousness we received a new healing technique and a new understanding of the energetic constitution of the human being.

I accepted the task. Put my faith into the technique and my 30 years of experience as a healer. Luckily I had been told to be patient; that I shouldn’t expect to see any results within the first 3-5 months.

The meeting 

I meet Louis, a wonderful young man in the age of 9, who in one way was trapped within his body and in another way was disclosed from his body. He had an observering intellect which registered and reflected a lot of data. We were mutually attracted to each other and so we started the ‘healing process’. I healed Louis twice a week for approximately 50 minutes at a time and when I couldn’t heal Louis in person because I wasn’t able to come to the location I was able to overtake the hands of Louis mother and heal Louis through the them.

At this very present moment, 4 months after the healing sessions started, Louis has evolved in a lot of positive ways: Louis body and mind becomes softer and more active and it seems as if the energies are activated and deactivated in a rytme, at a level, that I as a healer, only can perceive and surrender to. As his mother says: “It’s as if Louis has progressed more in 3 months than we have been able to accomplish by any intensive training for 3-4 years.”

It is a great honor for me to share this knowledge and experience with others who would like to help disabled people. I’d like to pay my gratitude to Louis for making it possible for me to develop this healing technique.

Steen Kofoed


Healing is as old as humanity itself. Healing is in essence love like life is. There are different healing techniques that are good for different imbalances. If the symptom for example is headache and the cause is over essesive energy in the head area the person needs something else than more added energy in the head area to get better. Moreover healing techniques that are founded for healing mental issues won’t heal physical imbalances in dept. Therefore the healer has to learn to master different healing techniques in order to be able to handle different imbalances in the most beneficial and loving way. You can study more about healing here: Hvad er healing? (dansk / pdf)

A unique healing technique

Respondhealing© is an unique healing technique created in 2016 which aims to activate cells and atoms in the organism. The intention of the activation is to unfold the potential of the body and bring ease and health for the disabled one.

The physical and mental body are co-related 

Different energies made of emotions and thoughts flows in- and around the physical body. The state of these energies affects the physical body like the physical body affects these energies which consist of thoughts, emotions and bio-magnetisme. Therefore – when Respondhealing© is carried out the energy that is supplied doesn’t only affect the cells and atoms in the physical body but also deeply rooted mental mind patterns and unbalances in the emotional and bio-magnetic-body which enables transformation to take place.