to all physical illnesses and imbalances

Join a Respondhealing© Course 

For people who wants to learn to heal physical illnesses and imbalances in a simple and unique way.

#  Respondhealing© is an unique healing technique which aims to connect and activate energy centers in the organism.

#  The activation creates a response to the parts of the mind which have created stagnation of energy and energy loss in main energy centers in the organism.

#   The physical problems due to the missing response between the mind and the body are re-established through Respondhealing©.

In order to master Respondhealing© the student needs to generate and train different abilities:

  • Visualisation
  • Creative imagination
  • Focus
  • Psychic abilities

At the course there is a mixture of theoretical and practical exercises and a philosophical understanding of the human being as a ‘body and mind-soul’. It’s important to understand that Respondhealing© does not belong to any religion, belief- or political system.

At the course the students will work with: Empathy, clear sense, cohesion and the ability to contain others emotions, thoughts and body-sensations which are crucial in order to help other people in a responsible and lovingly way.

Aim: To train as many as possible in a responsible way in order for as many as possible to benefit from this knowledge and energy technology no matter where they are in the world! There are several ways to join a course in Respondhealing©

Respond healing Course  

2 x 2 days + the option for supervision at Skype
Clients + diary.


I offer supervision at Skype where I use my clairvoyant abilities to guide you.
You pay individually per session.
If you want to join sent an email to: and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Next Courses

Denmark – 24.-25. November + 15.-16. December 2018

Price kr. 5850,-

Please make a note about which course you sign up to in ‘other remarks’ in the formular.

Attention !

Please pay attention to the fact that you are expected to exercise respondhealing on a client at least 25 times within 4 months and efter the course you have to be approved by Steen Kofoed. Your payment will not be refunded at any cause.

When you paid the deposit please send an up-to-date-photo of your self to

The teacher will have a clairvoyant look at your picture to decide if you have the physical og psychic foundation to help sick people. If not your deposit will be refunded.

With love,

Steen Kofoed

Formular for enrolling in a Respondhealing© Course


In order to conduct a course in Respondhealing© as cheap as possible I offer to come to you in private for 4 days (2 days x 2 meetings) (workdays) where a volunteer organisator is responsible for:

  1. Gathering participants.
  2. Location – a place for the group to be.
  3. Food – vegetarian food, coffee/the and dinning hall.
  4. Work platforms – corresponding to the number of participants booked. A work platform is either a professional ‘massage/healer-couch’ or a table with a madras on. Next to the couch / table there a chair needs to be put.

You will receive the teachings from one of the best teachers in healing, psychic abilities and spiritual growth. Steen Kofoed has more than 30 years of experience in teaching and helping people as a healer and clairvoyant. When finished the course you will be able to work as a Respondhealer© in a trustworthy and lovingly way.

The prices are all inclusive:

I offer the volunteer who responsible for organisation and practical issues 50% discount !

Conditions for enrolling

When we have settled on some course dates the participants pay the course price (see the price per participant in relation to how many joining)

Refunding a course fee is not possible in case of sickness or in case of any other reason